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Common questions

Why Time World Freight?

Other freight forwarders or logistics company settle and rely on penetration pricing strategies to rapidly win accounts even without realizing its weaknesses. Our company differs by offering competitive and reasonable rates to the market that enables us to still perform at premium services. We compete in such a way that long term views are seen and threats considered, making it a win-win scenario for our clients and customers.

Which services do you provide?

As we hold extensive experience in our field, your shipments are in the right hands. Our services extend from door-to-door air freight, sea freight and extremely efficient custom clearances throughout the world. We are transparent, dependable and devoted with enthusiastic and experienced specialists to guide our clients in every stage.

Where all you have networks available?

Our great network extends to different continents that allow us to undertake a large variety of operations. With consistency and precision at the center of our objectives, we deliver you shipments wherever and whenever you want.

What is the best freight type for me?

BRC team is pleased to handle your queries in electing the right freight and setup for your shipment. Drop us a message and we will assist you.

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